INSTANT MBA: Don't Have A Meeting Unless You're Going To Make A Decision At The End

Vivian Giang

Today's advice comes from executive coach Fred Kofman via his post on LinkedIn:

"The only goal for a meeting is 'to decide and commit.' No other objective is worth meeting for."

Kofman says this will cut your meeting time by 90%.

This means that there is no point in meeting to discuss, review, report, evaluate, or consider ideas. The only time you should have a meeting is to make a decision and commit to it.

Kofman says that you will have to meet to discuss and review in order to make a decision, but you should combine all of these tasks into one meeting.

"Unless the meeting may lead people to act in a different way they would have acted had they not had the meeting, its value is zero — no matter how efficiently it is run.

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