Tina Fey Shows David Letterman Surveillance Tape Of Her Office Burglary

Aly Weisman

Tina Fey recently moved to a small office in Manhattan, where she writes jokes and thinks of new TV show ideas alongside three other people.

But as soon as Fey and her comic crew moved into their new office space, "we immediately got robbed," she told David Letterman while appearing on the "Late Show" Wednesday.

"What happened was we have this small office and these moving guys moved some stuff in and they told us we had to go downstairs to sign for it and then I think one of the moving guys went upstairs and stole a computer," Fey explained. "And that had all my ideas on it."

"It wasn't Jay Leno, was it?" Letterman joked.

"The police were helpful," Fey assured sarcastically, "but it's hard, New York's a big city and you're like 'some guy stole my jokes' and they're like 'yeah, we'll get right on it.'"

Fortunately, Fey was able to catch her alleged burglar by going over surveillance tape. And luckily for us, Fey and Letterman chose to air the surveillance footage "against all legal counsel."

Watch Fey's great play-by-play narration of a man stealing her computer:

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