Twitter Made A Slight Change To Its Design And People Are Absolutely Freaking Out About It

Megan Rose Dickey

Twitter just changed the way it displays conversations in its mobile apps and on

The idea is to make it easier to follow conversations on Twitter as they happen in real-time.

But some people are freaking out because they think it looks terrible.

Check out some of the reactions below. 

Emailing my publisher to change the last line of the book to say: In 2013, Twitter ruined Twitter by making it look like Connect the Dots.

— Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) August 29, 2013

New design makes it easy to watch @pattonoswalt talk to @GreatDismal about HP Lovecraft. New design rocks.

— Peter Kafka (@pkafka) August 29, 2013

even @Horse_ebooks is upset

— Mike Isaac (@MikeIsaac) August 29, 2013

For god's sake, stop replying to tweets

— Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) August 29, 2013

Though, Twitter seems to have more in mind with this update than meets the eye,Om Malik of GigaOm reports

In fact, Malik says Twitter's new conversations view is yet another step toward making itself more like Facebook. It's also an important move for the social network if it decides to go public, Malik says.

"And by turning tweets into conversations, the company has introduced the ultimate Facebook-like object — status/comments/conversations into its stream," Malik writes. "Twitter’s Favorite is its proxy for Facebook’s Like. The next thing I expect from Twitter — inline content consumption a la Pocket. And when that happens, Twitter will have turned the 140-character limit into the ultimate payload carrying content-object missile."

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