This One Chart Predicts What Your Relationship Status Will Look Like For The Rest Of Your Life

Walter Hickey

Wolfram Alpha, the geekiest site on the net, has maintained a service where you can share your Facebook data with them and they'll spit out a fantastic analysis. 

While Wolfram initially deleted all the data they collected from you within a few hours, the shear potential of the data got the better of them and they made it an option that you can donate your data to the research group so they can study the way we interact on the social network. (People who opt out of data donation still get their stuff deleted).

As a result of those "data donors," the Wolfram team has been able to learn a ton about the way people behave on social networks (and therefore in real life).

One interesting thing they've found is what people's friends' relationship statuses will look like over time. We just saw it presented last week at the Wolfram Data Summit, and the folks behind the Wolfram Blog were kind enough to allow us to reprint it.

Here's what your friends' relationships will look like moving forward. You can see the silly teenagers who put their relationship statuses as "married" and then recant when they go to college. If you're in your twenties, buckle up and start saving up for crock-pots and home appliances.  Later on, the number of "single" and "widowed" users starts to rise.

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