Facebook Just Got One Step Closer to Releasing Auto-Play Video Ads

Jillian D'Onfro

Remember the news that Facebook would start filling your news feed with auto-play video ads?

Well, don't worry, that still hasn't happened yet.  

Facebook did, however, begin a small test today that allowed some users to see auto-play, in-stream videos on their mobile phones, according to All Things D. The test users only see videos their friends uploaded, either directly to Facebook or through Instagram or another app. No ads allowed -- yet.

The videos auto-play as you scroll through your feed, but don't have audio unless you tap them to enter full-screen mode. It's a bit like Vine, in other words. By taking this baby-step before releasing the planned video advertisements, Facebook can gauge how users react to the auto-playing feature. 

For now, Facebook is only running the test for Android and iPhone users, and a small percentage of those users at that, so you can expect to keep your news feed video-free for at least a little longer.

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