Everything You Need To Know Before Tonight's Season 4 Premiere Of 'The Walking Dead'

Kirsten Acuna

Season four of "The Walking Dead" starts Sunday. 

Last season scored record ratings for the show, ending with more than 12.4 million viewers

If you're not caught up by now after a long hiatus, don't fret. 

Here's what you need to know about Rick, the gang, and exactly what happened with the Governor at the end of season three so you're not lost when tuning in tonight.

After losing it early last season, Rick is back in leadership mode.

Hershel — now with one leg — helped Rick come back from a dark place after the death of his wife.

"I think he realized that he'd [Rick] been getting it so, so wrong." said actor Andrew Lincoln in a behind-the-scenes video. "I think the guidance of Hershel throughout the season, almost trying to bring him back, was incredibly important."

That's good because the Governor — now with one eye — unleashed a huge attack on Rick and his prison crew ...

... heavily weakening their mighty fortress ...

... and attempting to break their way inside the prison walls.

However, Rick's team had the upper hand with the use of some prison suits.

Frustrated, his men wanted to give up, the Governor snapped, massacring many of them before driving off.

During his rage, the Governor also killed his assistant, Milton ...

... and left Andrea to die at his hand!

When Rick, Michonne, and Daryl chase after the Governor to his hometown of Woodbury they find Andrea right before she dies.

Remember, the Governor also brutally killed Merle for siding with his brother Daryl ...

... and taught us a very important lesson: "You kill or you die, or die and you kill."

Also, Rick's kid Carl became a stone-cold killer, offing a teen who appeared to surrender.

Despite all the bad, some good came, too. Glenn asked Maggie to marry him.

Now we can prepare for some new faces ...

Larry Gilliard Jr. who will be playing Bob Stookey.

... because by the end of season three, the crew adopted the rest of the Governor's Woodbury clan ...

... something Carl doesn't seem too happy about it.

With a new group, it looks like the crew are trying to carry on with life. Grow a garden ...

... and carry on with their studies.

We may even finally see a relationship between Daryl and Carol ...

The group can't get too cozy, though.

After all, the governor's still out there ...

... and zombies look like a bigger threat than ever before.

Will their growth in number cause the gang to head elsewhere?

If so, where do they have to go?

We'll have to wait to find out, but ...

Until then, see actual people dressed up as zombies and more at this year's New York Comic Con »

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