This Map Shows The Most Popular Pizza Topping In Every State

Ashley Lutz

We've written before about how pepperoni reigns as the most popular pizza topping

But we were curious how pizza preferences varied by state, so we asked business advisor Brian Roemmele to provide data from hundreds of pizza retailers in regions around the U.S. on commonly ordered toppings.

We speculated that stereotypically health-conscious states like California might prefer veggies on their pizza, while those in Wisconsin might order extra cheese. 

What we found is that after plain cheese, pepperoni is the unwavering favorite of Americans, regardless of state. And sausage came in second. 

There is some variation. For instance, 40% of people in Georgia ordered pepperoni on their pizzas, while only about 20% of those in New York and California did. 

About 14% of New Yorkers ordered mushrooms, while only 8% of customers in Tennessee did. 

Still, Americans are more alike than different when it comes their favorite pizza topping.

Here's a chart showing the most popular American pizza toppings: 

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