There's A Documentary On Bitcoin And Silk Road Raising Money On Kickstarter Right Now

Dylan Love

"Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and the Silk Road" is a documentary effort raising money on Kickstarter right now to create a film about the notorious digital currency and the anonymous online drug marketplace.

The movie aims to tell the story of the Deep Web and the varied content it plays host to. If you're completely unfamiliar, here's the project creators on what the "Deep Web" is:

"The Deep Web refers to all unseen, un-indexed and often intentionally hidden web content. The Deep Web accounts for at least 96% of the World Wide Web. 96%! Think about that! What you see when you surf around the web is a fraction of what's actually going on out there. And a lot of what's going on out there is scary stuff!"

Intrigue and suspense! The movie seeks a total of $75,000 to meet its fundraising goal. A $30 donation gets you a digital download of the finished movie. Check out their pitch video below:

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