Bank Of America Sends Woman An Expletive-Laced Credit Card Offer

Hayley Peterson

Bank of America sent a San Francisco woman an expletive-laced credit card offer that referred to her as a "sl*t."

The envelope was addressed to "Lisa Is A Sl*t McIntire" and inside, the letter read, "Lisa Is A Sl*t McIntire, you've earned this special offer." It went on to offer her a Visa Cash Rewards credit card.

Here's a photo of the envelope:

Hi @BofA_Help. I just received a credit card offer from you that addressed me as “Lisa Is A Slut McIntire.” pic.twitter.com/7OeNZSlNhX

— Lisa McIntire (@LisaMcIntire) February 6, 2014

The letter was sent to McIntire's mother's house. Upon receiving it, her mother texted her this:

Um. pic.twitter.com/koYjGsoF1m

— Lisa McIntire (@LisaMcIntire) February 6, 2014

“[The letter] initially made me nervous because I’m a feminist writer on the internet,” McIntire told The Daily Intelligencer, “but I don’t think it’s personal.”

After McIntire tweeted a photo of the letter, Bank of America's twitter account responded: "We're incredibly sorry this happened and are researching now so we can take the appropriate action."

Here's the letter itself:

It's a credit card offer, apparently? I am still discomfited. pic.twitter.com/h1qGPtB15P

— Lisa McIntire (@LisaMcIntire) February 6, 2014

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