The 25 Most Romantic Cities In America

Paige Cooperstein

"These are the cities where  people are really seeking a date night," OpenTable’s chief dining officer Caroline Potter told Business Insider. "Places with nesters and families were often thought of as romantic. Brooklyn is more of a date night town than Manhattan, which didn't make the list this year because it's more about singles mixing."

OpenTable calculated a city's romance level by ranking the percentage of restaurants in the area rated as "romantic," according to OpenTable diner reviews, the percentage of tables seated for two, and the percentage of people who dined out on Valentine's Day last year.

Regardless of location, Potter said she noticed romance is alive and well in the dining industry, which routinely sees increased traffic on Valentine's Day.

"People are still seeking to celebrate their love over meals," she said.

Check out the most romantic cities in America:

25. Phoenix, Ariz.

24. Los Angeles, Calif.

23. Miami, Fla. 

22. Indianapolis, Ind. 

21. Kansas City, Kan.

20. Baltimore, Md.

19. Portland, Ore.

18. Santa Monica, Calif.

17. Raleigh, N.C. 

16. Boston, Mass.

15. Philadelphia, Pa.

14. Nashville, Tenn.

13. Milwaukee, Wis. 

12. Ann Arbor, Mich.

11. Austin, Tex.

10. Louisville, Ky.

9.  Brooklyn, N.Y.

8. Houston, Tex.

7. Columbus, Ohio

6. Salt Lake City, Utah

5. Oklahoma City, Okla.

4. Atlantic City, N.J.

3. Providence, R.I.

2. St. Louis, Mo.

1. San Antonio, Tex.

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