This Is What Atlanta's Supermarkets Look Like Before A Storm

Alex Davies

A winter storm is expected to hit the Atlanta area tonight and last through Wednesday, so locals are stocking up on groceries in case they see a repeat of the city-wide paralysis caused by snow in late January.

A manager at a Walmart Supercenter on Martin Luther King Junior Drive Southwest told Business Insider the store was "ridiculously crowded," though lines are moving quickly and the shelves are still stocked. An employee at another Walmart said they've seen "quite a few customers."

Angie, a customer service rep at a Publix supermarket in Snellville, outside Atlanta, said the store had seen a major rush of shopped ahead of the storm. The store was anticipating the rush, she explained — the only surprise was that there wasn't a crowd lined up at the door before they opened.

Shoppers are picking up "just everything," Angie said, and all nine registers have been open and busy, all day. The crowd is even worse than it was during the January storm, she said, adding, "this is the worst one."

Here are some of the photos we've seen of people stocking up ahead of the imminent storm:

Ready for another disaster week. Meat section at Publix: pic.twitter.com/IcWQj5ogYn

— bairet (@bairet) February 10, 2014

This last photo shows a fully stocked bread aisle, but the photographer fears this is only a temporary situation, hashtagging the photo with: #bread#snowpocalypse#2014#runforyourlife#cityabouttoshutdown

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