Composite Photos Show How Much London Has Transformed Over Two Centuries

Megan Willett

A Reddit user called shystone combined Google Street Views of London with famous 18th and 19th century paintings to create highly unique then-and-now images (via My Modern Met and/r/London).

Shystone layered the paintings on top of the Google Street View images, at times allowing modern cars, statues, and architecture to poke through the painting.

Take a look at how much London has changed below.

"Northumberland House" by Italian painter Canaletto (1752)

"Blackman Street London" by British artist John Atkinson Grimshaw (1885)

"The 9th of November, 1888" by English painter William Logsdail (1890)

"View of The Grand Walk" by Italian painter Canaletto (1751)

"A View of Greenwich from the River" by Italian painter Canaletto (1750-2)

"Covent Garden Market" by English painter Balthazar Nebot (1737)

"St Martins in the Fields" by English painter William Logsdail (1888)

The River Thames with "St. Paul's Cathedral on Lord Mayor's Day" by Italian painter Canaletto (1746)

Westminster Abbey with a "Procession of Knights of the Bath" by Italian painter Canaletto (1749)

"The Strand Looking East from Exeter Exchange" by an unknown artist (1822)

"Most of those buildings are gone, but some of the roads remain and retain their slope down towards the old Thames riverbank. On Villers St., the riverbank came right up to where Gordon's Wine Bar is."

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