10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning (AMZN, FB, MSFT)

Jay Yarow

Good morning! Hopefully you survived April Fool's day. Let's look at the news:

  1. Amazon has a big media event in New York City at 11 AM eastern. It will likely announce a media streaming box that runs on Android. We'll have live coverage, so stay tuned.
  2. Microsoft is hosting Build, its annual developers conference. That gets underway at 1 PM eastern. CEO Satya Nadella will be laying out his vision for Windows. We'll also be at this one, so stay tuned. 
  3. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has sold half of her shares. People think that's a sign she's ready to do something in politics.
  4. Mozilla's CEO, who is being asked to step down by some employees for supporting anti-gay marriage legislation, gave an interview to CNet: "I've always treated people as they come, I've worked with them, tried to get them into the project, I've been as fair and inclusive as anyone -- I think more. I intend to be even more so as CEO because I agree there's an obligation to reach out to people who for whatever reason are marginalized."
  5. Apple is in talks to pay $479 million for a Japanese chip group that works on improving display sharpness.
  6. Samsung's executives are "paranoid" about the future, according to Bloomberg. Samsung is on top now, but there's a fear that cheap Chinese manufacturers will eat its lunch.
  7. Blackberry will no longer sell its phones through T-Mobile. T-Mobile had been telling customers to ditch Blackberry.
  8. Elon Musk is reportedly looking to raise more funding for SpaceX, his rocket ship company. Makes sense to strike while the market is hot, and while Musk's profile is hitting new highs.
  9. In court, Samsung's lawyers say Samsung's advertising drove Apple crazy. Those ads that poke fun at Apple fans made SVP of marketing Phil Schiller go nuts, and he even brought up ditching Apple's ad group to get fresh blood working on new campaigns.
  10. WhatsApp handled 64 billion messages in a 24 hour period, a new record for the company.  A year ago it was doing 27 billion messages per day.

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