A New Google Maps Update Just Made It Easier To Plan Your Next Roadtrip Or Run (GOOG)

Jillian D'Onfro

Google just released an update for Maps that will make it much easier for you to plan your next roadtrip, bike ride, or run.

You can now plot and measure the exact distance between any two or more points. 

Simply right-click on your starting point, click "Measure distance," and then click anywhere on the map that you want to measure the distance to. Keep clicking to add additional points. You can also drag points if you want to test different routes, or click any point to remove it. You'll get the total distance of your route, as well as the distance between each point.

Use this new feature to figure out exactly where you should run to complete a  five mile route, or how far you'll be driving each day on your cross-country trip. 

Or, to draw fun shapes on the map, like Google did with its Pegman sketch

(Hat-tip to The Next Web where we first saw the update.)

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