21 Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Of Deserted Shopping Malls

Hayley Peterson

Hundreds of shopping malls across the U.S. have been forced to shut down following years of debilitating declines in consumer traffic.

In many cases, the shuttered malls are left to decay for years before developers or local governments raise the funds to bulldoze or renovate the space.

Pseudonymous photographer Seph Lawless traveled the country for years to find these forgotten malls and document their decay from the inside.

The photos he captured are haunting and apocalyptic, featuring dead trees and abandoned shopping carts against landscapes of broken glass and crumbling walls.

He compiled the photographs in a new book, "Black Friday: The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall," and shared some of them with Business Insider.

You can also see his work on Facebook and Instagram.

Lawless said he started taking photos of shopping malls in 2012 for a project focusing on some of the most "abandoned and forgotten cities in America."

He was taking photos of abandoned houses, factories and hospitals, when he decided to focus on dead shopping malls.

Most of his photographs were taken in the Rust Belt, including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

It was nearly impossible for him to legally gain access to closed shopping malls due to liability factors, he said.

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