12 Cool Things You Can Do With Apple TV (AAPL)

Steven Tweedie

Even though the third-generation Apple TV is over two years old, it keeps getting better.

Apple has added a bunch of new channels to Apple TV over the years like HBO GO, Hulu, Disney, and a lot more.

But that's not all the Apple TV can do.

We put together 12 tips for your Apple TV that will open it up to more content, stream video more reliably, and let you control it all with your phone.

Ditch the Apple TV remote and use your iPhone or iPad instead.

The Apple TV remote is pretty lame. It's small, the buttons are too close together, and it's difficult to input text for searches in Netflix and other on-screen menus.

With the latest version of Apple's Remote app for iPhone and iPad, you can control your Apple TV over your home's WiFi network with a higher degree of control. Plus, search is a snap because you can type stuff on your device's keyboard. The free app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Download it here.

Put that HBO and ESPN subscription to good use.

Already subscribing to either HBO or ESPN? Apple TV's addition of HBO GO gives you access to every season of every HBO show, available on demand, along with HBO movies and specials. Watch ESPN allows you to stream live ESPN straight to your Apple TV.

You'll need to make sure you have an HBO GO account or ESPN subscription. Just sign in with your cable provider's credentials.

Jailbreak it and install extra apps

There's currently no Jailbreak for the third-generation Apple TV. But if you have a first or second generation Apple TV, it's worth it. In fact, second-generation Apple TVs are selling for more than double the price of a brand new third generation Apple TV because of this.

A jailbroken Apple TV will let you run other kinds of apps and streaming services that aren't normally allowed by Apple.

If you have a compatible Apple TV model, it's a relatively simple process to jailbreak it if you have a Mac. Lifehacker has a great tutorial to get you started. 

Install Plex to your non-jailbroken Apple TV

For those wishing to skip the jailbreaking process, or for owners of a third-generation Apple TV, PlexConnect is for you.

PlexConnect lets you stream any multimedia file format to your television. There's also aniPhone and iPad app for greater functionality. Think of it as AirPlay without restrictions. Setup time is quick, and you can follow these directions over at Github.

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