App Finder: Best apps for book lovers

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Looking for a good app to feed your love of books? The ones below are must-haves (OK, perhaps not Shakespeare, but really, it should be).

GOODREADS: This is an app of the popular website. It allows you to keep track of what you read, rate and review books, find new books to read and more. It also includes a barcode scanner that you can use to look up books.

Free for iOS and Android.


BOOK CRAWLER: This is similar to Goodreads in that you can keep track of what you've read. It also has a scanner that lets you add your physical books to your "read" shelf. 

$1.99 for iOS.


AUDIOBOOKS BY AUDIBLE: Ever wished you could just listen to a book? Check out this app, which lets you listen to audiobooks through your smartphone or pad. It downloads books from Audible.com.

Free for iOS and Android.


SHAKESPEARE: This is exactly what you think - every Shakespeare work in one app. It includes scene summaries, a glossary, quotes and more. This app is for iOS only, but you can find Shakespeare apps for Android, too.

Free for iOS.


Hot app of the week

JENGA: Are you a fan of the classic tower puzzle game? Then you’ll probably like this app. It’s not like the real life version, but it has all the tense fun of the original.

Free for iOS, $2.99 for Android.


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