Meet The Six 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' Before Sunday's Season 2 Premiere

Aly Weisman

This Sunday, E!'s hit reality show "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" will return for a second season.

The hour-long, "Rich Kids Of Instagram" Tumblr-inspired show features six friends from 90210 who drop thousands of dollars on clothes, shoes, cars, and partying like it's their job  because that's exactly what it is for some of these "funemployed" 20-somethings.

Get to know the cast and catch up on season 1 here before this weekend's season 2 premiere, which takes the "Rich Kids" to China.

Season 2 of "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" premieres this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

Meet 25-year-old Dorothy Wang, who was born and raised in Beverly Hills — "The best city in the world."

Dorothy says "Growing up, my parents never talked about money. It wasn't until it was printed in Forbes that I knew how much money we had."

Dorothy is currently "funemployed and fabuluxe," but "when I grow up I want to be the Asian sensation of the world."

She's a big shopper. "I'm not really sure how many Birkin bags I have, I've lost count," noting "the entry-level Birkin is around $10,000."

She is also willing to drop big money on nights out with her friends.

Dorothy says she is "somewhat Insta-famous in the Instagram world." Before the season 1 premiere, she had 26,000 followers. Today, ahead of season 2, she has 430,000 followers.

This is 26-year-old Morgan Stewart; she's also from Beverly Hills.

Morgan has a blog called Boobs-and-Loubs, because "I have very large boobs and a very large affinity for Louboutin heels."

She says she has over 200 pair of Louboutins, which, on average, she notes, cost about $1,500.

Growing up, Morgan went to private school, "had a gold Amex, [and] could shop and buy whatever I wanted."

She says she hates working out, but works with a pricey personal trainer.

Today, Morgan lives on her own in this modern Beverly Hills home.

Her dad is "an architect who built stores along Rodeo Drive. My mom puts up with me and that's pretty much been her job."

Morgan currently boasts over 404,000 followers on Instagram.

Morgan and Dorothy met four years ago in a spin class, when they were both "struggling against the chubs."

Today, they're BFF and both obsessed with Instagram. Morgan says, "If someone doesn't like my photo it ruins my entire day, because I feel like it's a plot because there's a hidden agenda and we haven't spoken about the issue they have."

Their friend Roxy Sowlaty is also from Beverly Hills.

Roxy lives at home with her mom, dad, sister, and little dog.

She's "totally a Persian princess" and "expert shopper."

Her parents gave her six unlimited credit cards and she spends $20,000 - $30,000 per month — until she gets cut off.

Morgan's boyfriend of one year, Brendan Fitzpatrick, is also a big spender.

Brendan grew up "extremely spoiled." He "had what I wanted, when I wanted it."

Now 25, the real estate broker sold his first house at age 19 for $15 million. He's now making "in the millions."

The crew's friend, Jonny Drubel, is a songwriter based in Beverly Hills.

Jonny has a flair for the dramatic.

Magic Johnson's son, EJ Johnson, makes frequent cameos. EJ grew up in L.A. but is currently going to school in NYC. He first met Dorothy during a Tae Bo class.

Some things we learned from #RichKids in season 1? "The No. 1 rule of caviar is don't go, 'ew, what's that?'"

And there's rarely a need to know how to open a bottle of wine because "there's always a sommelier."

Season 2 of "Rich Kids" debuts this Sunday on E!. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Have 45 minutes to spare? Watch the full first episode of season 1 ahead of Sunday's season 2 premiere.

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