People Are Willing To Pay Way More For Homes Where Celebrities Used To Live [INFOGRAPHIC]

Melissa Stanger

Everyone knows there are high markups in restaurants, bars, and most retail goods, but what about celebrity real estate?

The folks at real estate website Movoto looked at a number of celebrity homes in the Los Angeles and Malibu areas to see if the prices of these homes were inflated compared to similar non-celebrity homes in the same area simply because a famous person used to live there.

The answer, they found, is "yes" ... depending on the celebrity. Robert Pattinson's place in Los Feliz, for example, sold for 202% above the average home price in the neighborhood, but Katy Perry's Hollywood Hills home went for 27% below average.

Here's an infographic Movoto created looking at 12 different homes and whether they fell victim to "celebrity inflation":

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