Here's What Two Famous Movie Critics Had To Say About Apple's Commercials In The '80s (AAPL)

Sam Colt

Apple is famous for its commercials, which usually feature their flawless products against a white background.

In fact Apple made waves with its latest commercial for showing used MacBooks with stickers on them.

But we rarely see Apple ads held up to a critical lens. 

Luckily, SFist recently unearthed a video of film critics Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert reviewing Apple commercials in 1986.

The critics were invited to an Apple event, where they ranked commercials from 1 to 4 stars, as they did for movies.

A 3-star rating, they explained, was the "critical turning point," signaling their approval of a particular ad.

"A 4-star commercial would be: if you don't own a TV set, buy it, leave it on at all times and watch it with your eyes open at all times," said Siskel.

The first spot  which markets the Mac as an education tool  got 2.5 stars from Ebert but garnered a 4-star rating from Siskel, who called it his favorite.

See what else Siskel and Ebert had to say about Apple's ads:

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