The Ice Bucket Challenge Hit The Tech CEO Crowd

Joey Cosco

The Ice Bucket Challenge has made its way from Facebook Newsfeeds to the Today Show.

In the name of ALS research, the challenge has racked up $2.3 million since it began at the end of July, Time reports. That means this viral trend is raising money at nearly 50 times the ALS Association's usual pace, according to the Washington Post.

The fad is so cool, the calm and collected tech CEOs of Silicon Valley are joining in. Wednesday afternoon, Microsoft uploaded a video of CEO Satya Nadella partaking in the ice-chilled fun.

The CEO gave a quick speech mentioning former NFL player Steve Gleason's visit to Microsoft's Hackathon. Gleason, who suffers from ALS, has been one of the driving forces in spreading the challenge, especially among high-profile challengees. The winning team from the hackathon then drenched their boss in ice water, and he called out two fellow tech CEOs to take the challenge, too.

"Oh my god, that is cold," Nadella says to the camera, dripping wet.

Twitter's Dick Costolo also posted his shot at the Ice Bucket Challenge after CNBC's Scott Wapner called out him and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Despite Facebook being the main hub for the philanthropy fad and a second nomination from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Zuckerberg hasn't posted a response yet.

Here's Costolo.

Costolo also challenged Zillow's Spencer Rascoff, who quickly complied and called out LinkedIn's Jeff Weiner. Rascoff's might be the best.

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