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10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today (AAPL)

Alyson Shontell

Good morning! Let's look at the news.

  1. Samsung just paid an estimated $200 million for smart-home startup, SmartThings. Google has already been active in the home automation space, buying up Nest and Dropcam within the past year. 
  2. Facebook's VP of Product Management Sam Lessin is leaving on August 29. Lessin joined Facebook in 2010 after his startup was acquired. He didn't say what he'll be up to next.
  3. More rumors about Apple's upcoming products are out. The iPhone 6 and smartwatch will use scratch-resistant sapphire for the display instead of glass, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  4. Square is tired of people saying it's struggling, so it wrote an awkward blog post about how well it's doing.
  5. You know that startup millionaire who turned 30 and wrote 1,284 slides about it? Some of his advice is actually pretty good. You can check out his presentation, which has been broken into three parts. Here's Part 1: Life, Part 2: Business, and Part 3: The World.
  6. Microsoft just launched a Snapchat competitor, WindUp. Users can send temporary photos, texts, videos and audio messages back and forth. 
  7. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti says the reason ~ 4,900 old stories were deleted from its platform is because they were written before BuzzFeed was "journalistic." Posts that got deleted were either "technically broken, not sourced to BuzzFeed's current standards, or not worth improving or saving because the content isn’t very good,” Peretti told Slate.
  8. Humin is a cool new app that could turn the iPhone's contact list on its head, and it helps you never forget the name of someone you met. That said, it resembles a startup that failed to gain traction in the same space, Brewster. 
  9. Spring, a new shopping app co-founded by investor David Tisch, launched yesterday. It  brings impulse buying to mobile, letting users quickly browse tons of brands and purchase products by simply swiping left to right.
  10. How Katy Perry used Twitter to make a Starbucks barista's day.

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