Tim Cook Took The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Called On Dr. Dre To Do It, Too (AAPL)

Sam Colt

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — which has beenbouncing all over the tech world — finally reached Apple's top executive, Tim Cook.

Cook took the challenge yesterday at Apple's Cupertino headquarters in front of a live audience and alongside performing artist Michael Franti, whom he challenged to do the same that day.

Cook said he would donate to ALS and take the ice bucket challenge because he wanted to move others as well. He picked Dr. Dre, Disney CEO and Apple board member Bob Iger, and Franti.

The video is worth watching if only to see Cook and Franti enjoying Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" playing in the background.

After Franti poured the ice bucket on Cook, the recording artist challenged actor Woody Harrelson, U2's Bono, and Oprah.

Check out the video:

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