8 Of The Most Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets Money Can Buy

Lisa Eadicicco

Computers, smartphones, and tablets are expensive enough as it is. But when you outfit them with custom designer fabrics and jewels, they can cost you a mind-blowing sum of money.

While some gadgets can run you thousands of dollars because of their luxurious build materials, others are extremely expensive because of the technology that's inside them and what they can do. 

From gold-crafted iPhones to giant tablets with stunning displays, here are some of the most ridiculously expensive gadgets. 

AeroSystem One iPhone Dock/Speaker (about $1,115)

Most people probably wouldn't pay more than a few hundred dollars for a smartphone, let alone an accessory for your smartphone. But Jarre claims its sleek and tall iPhone companion is worth it. The sound system is said to be the result of years of research by French composer Jean Michael Jarre and his team. 

Optimus Maxiumus Keyboard ($1,500)

The Optimus Maximus keyboard sold for $1,500 when it launched six years ago. That's because the device's keys are fully programmable — meaning you can assign a different function to each key. Each button on the keyboard is a miniature display that tells you what its function is at a given time. Engadget has a brief review that explains how it works. 

Panasonic 4K Toughpad Tablet ($6,000)

Panasonic's 4K Windows 8 tablet sells for $6,000, but you don't have to worry about it breaking under stress. Since it's a Toughpad, Panasonic's rugged line of laptops and tablets, it can withstand being dropped from 2.5 feet. Rugged devices are usually much more expensive than regular computers since they're equipped to meet certain standards. But the 4k Toughpad's super-sharp 3,840x2,560-pixel-resolution display also accounts for its high price tag. 

Ego Lifestyle Emerald PC Notebook Computer ($10,900)

If you're willing to shell out nearly $11K on a laptop, Ego Lifestyle's emerald PC is available via Saks Fifth Avenue's website. The PC claims to combine "high tech and fashion," and features a handcrafted, interchangeable exterior made of crocodile Italian leather. The downside: It runs Windows Vista. 

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