Company Confirms That Deceased Former US President Richard Nixon Is Not A Banker At JPMorgan (NUS, HLF)

Myles Udland

Richard M. Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, does not work as an underwriter at JPMorgan.

However, someone named Richard M. Hixson does. 

In a filing with the SEC on Tuesday afternoon, Nu Skin said that following questions regarding its credit facility document, it found that the document in question contained, "an inadvertent typographical error on the signature page."

"The Amendment was signed by Richard M. Hixson, Senior Underwriter, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., not Richard M. Nixon," the company said. "As previously disclosed, the JPMC Agreement expired pursuant to its terms on August 8, 2014, prior to which all amounts outstanding thereunder were repaid."

The disclosure from Nu Skin came after John Hempton of Bronte Capital uncovered the oddity in one of Nu Skin's credit agreements.

In a blog post published Tuesday, Hempton pointed out the unusual name listed on the document and began searching for answers.

Hempton scoured the web, turning up no Richard M. Nixon except for the former president — who passed away in 1994.

Hempton eventually called JPMorgan, but was unable to track down the employee in question: now, it seems, with good reason.

Nu Skin is a direct-selling company, like Herbalife, that sells anti-aging products. In early August, shares of the company fell more than 20% in one session after the company said its second quarter earnings and revenue would miss expectations. Shares of Nu Skin were down more than 5% on Tuesday.

Perhaps investors were spooked by the brief appearance of a ghost.

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