Why You Won't See Any Reviews For The Biggest Game Of The Year Until Right Before It Comes Out

Kirsten Acuna

The most anticipated game of the year, "Destiny," is out in stores Tuesday, September 9, but don't expect to see reviews until early next week right before the game's release.

While 200 review copies of the game will be distributed by the end of this week, reviewers will have to wait until Monday to play the online-only video game because that's when the game's servers will go live.

When we found this out, we asked why we'll have to wait to test out the game until right before launch. Doesn't Bungie, the creators behind "Halo," want reviews of the game out before the game hits store shelves?

Of course. But they also want to make sure that those reviews are authentic to the actual gaming experience. 

We were told that since a small number of people will have the game in their hands the online experience may not be the same as it will be at launch.

This makes sense.

A sample of roughly 200 people playing a game may not give the same overall impression as when thousands, tens of thousands, or even more are playing.

Our expectations while playing "Destiny" are that you'll be given the option to engage with a multitude of different players all over the world at any time much like in the previews of the game we tried out earlier this summer. If you have a small selection of people writing about their experience playing a game where you may or may not run into other players, early reviews may not express what it will actually be like playing the game when people are filling the servers from all over the world.

We'll have more on "Destiny" leading up to the game and after its release.

If you haven't already pre-ordered the game and can't decide whether to buy "Destiny" there are plenty of reviews of the Alpha and Beta previews that launched earlier this year.

Both were brief teasers of the game. A few of us in the Business Insider office have already checked out the Alpha and Beta and have thoroughly enjoyed both.

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