Jawbone Figured Out The Most Popular Foods In The World Thanks To Its New Food-Logging App

Lisa Eadicicco

Jawbone's UP app, which the company recently announced would be available for free whether you have one of its fitness trackers or not, is excellent at telling you about your daily habits. As it turns out, Jawbone's food-logging platform can also be used to make conclusions about large-scale nutrition trends as well.  

The company's latest blog post provides a list of the most popular foods from Jawbone's global user base. The list includes foods that are logged more often at a particular time of the day, and the company says it looks at these large data sets to help the app to make smarter suggestions for its users.

Of course, this isn't a definitive list of the most popular foods around the world. But it is interesting to see what types of dishes, condiments, and beverages are being logged most frequently throughout the day. 

According to the company's data, oatmeal and brown sugar are logged most frequently at 8 a.m., and hash browns and a bagel with cream cheese are commonly logged at 10 a.m.

At 11 a.m., eggs Benedict and French toast were most frequently logged dishes, while things like chicken salad, mustard, deli meat, and sandwiches are logged the most often at noon. The 4 p.m. hour seems to be common for snacking, as pretzels, pita chips, mixed nuts, and Doritos are usually logged the most. 

To arrive at these results, Jawbone counted the number of times each food was logged compared to all other foods. At each hour, the company calculated the number of times a food was eaten relative to all other foods eaten at that hour.

When it conducts these studies, Jawbone looks at the raw data coming in from its users to spot overall trends. The company doesn't look at any data that could be used to personally identify anyone, a Jawbone spokesperson previously told Business Insider when asked how it anonymizes its research. 

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