Here's Your First Look At The Next Version Of Microsoft Office (MSFT)

Lisa Eadicicco

Microsoft is working on a new version of Microsoft Office, and The Verge has obtained a few screenshots and details on its coming features.

Based on the report, it seems as if the user interface is very similar to the Office 365 suite we're already familiar with. The biggest changes seem to be the addition of an option for a black theme and the "Tell Me" helper that's already present in its Office Online apps. You can think of the Tell Me tool sort of like a newer version of Clippy — except without the animated character. 

Microsoft also made a few small tweaks, like adding automatic image rotation in documents and new syncing options for the Outlook email client.

Here's a quick look at what Office 16 will look like based on The Verge's screenshots:

This is the new version of Microsoft Excel. It doesn't look too different from the current software. 

And here's PowerPoint. Notice the darker background. 

This is what Microsoft Word will look like. 

And here's the Tell Me tool you'll see in your Word documents.

The company is believed to be working on its new version of Office, reportedly called Office 16, as it prepares its Technical Preview of the next version of Windows. There's a chance we'll hear more about this at the end of the month at Microsoft's event on Sept. 30. 

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