The 15 Best Colleges In America, According To People Who Work In Finance

Melissa Stanger

MIT had been the king of colleges on our list of the Best Colleges in America for the last four years in a row, but this year Stanford University came out on top.

But what's the opinion of folks who work in the finance world?

The same, it turns out, Stanford University is still the best college in America, according to people who work in the finance industry. MIT was still ranked No. 2.

We asked over 1,500 professionals who have hiring experience to rate the reputations of graduates from top colleges around the country.

When we filtered the results to only include responses from people who said that they work in the finance industry, the results only varied slightly from our main list. The top two schools stayed the same, but several schools moved up in the ranks, including UPenn (No. 6), which was ranked at No. 9 on our main list and Duke (No. 10), which was No. 19 on the overall list.

Here are the top 15 colleges according to people in finance, along with their scores out of 5:

1. Stanford University (4.08)

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (3.96)

3. Princeton University (3.79)

4. California Institute of Technology (3.76)

5. Harvard University (3.72)

6. University of Pennsylvania (3.70)

7. Yale University (3.66)

8. Columbia University (3.61)

9. University of Chicago (3.57)

10. Duke University (3.56)

11. Dartmouth College (3.50)

12. Cornell University (3.49)

13. U.S. Naval Academy (3.47)

14. Carnegie Mellon University (3.41)

15. U.S. Military Academy (3.38)

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