REPORT: Apple's Watch Will Come In Two Storage Sizes (AAPL)

Lisa Eadicicco

When Apple unveiled its first smartwatch earlier this month, the company told us a lot about its design, customization options, and the type of features we can expect. What we didn't hear about, however, is the technology Apple will use to power the watch.

Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri spoke with Apple's supply chain to learn that the Apple Watch will likely come in two different storage capacities: 4GB and 8GB. Arcuri revealed this information in a note to investors, according to Apple Insider.

Arcuri believes the 4GB edition will be the more popular mainstream version, noting that the 8GB watch probably won't be the default configuration. This means you'll be able to store apps, messages, fitness data, and other types of files and information directly on the watch.

That amount of storage space is fairly standard for smartwatches. Both Samsung's Gear 2 and Sony's Smartwatch 3 also come with 4GB of storage space. This means that if Apple does release an 8GB version, it'll offer twice as much storage as current smartwatches. 

Arcuri's supply chain sources also said the wireless chip inside Apple's watch will come with a GPS radio, which is odd given that Apple said its watch will need to be connected to an iPhone to use GPS data. This chip will reportedly be similar to the wireless chip found inside the iPhone 5s, Arcuri wrote.

The Apple Watch won't be released until early 2015, so we expect to learn more about it over the next several months.

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