This Startup Hopes To Revolutionize Early Education By Letting Kids Build Their Own Apps

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Yogev Shelly had a vision for children's education. What if, instead of downloading ready-made apps, kids could build their own apps and games — and in the process not just learn about different subjects, but also become more creative, engaged, and technologically adept?

Shelly started TinyTap do just that. TinyTap is a platform enabling kids to create their own educational apps and embrace learning on their own terms. The idea was so innovative, the startup received $1 million in funding as the Education winner of Verizon's Powerful Answers Award.

Now partially based in San Francisco, TinyTap is working with the Children's Creativity Museum and other groups such as Edventure More, which recently hosted a "hackathon" where kids used TinyTap to build learning games using their own family photos. "A program like TinyTap could really change early childhood education," says Ed Caballero, executive director of Edventure More. Watch the video to learn more.

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