19 Reasons Fall Is The Finest Season

Drake Baer

With Tuesday's equinox, we've entered into autumn. The season is marked by several telltale signs: The air cools, the light dims, sweaters appear, and so do ghosts.

These are but a few of the arguments for why fall is the best season. If we missed yours, tell us in the comments.

1. Because forests turn technicolor.

2. Because crunching leaves is the most fun you'll have all year. 

3. Because the sun is bearable, yet bright.

4. Because football.

5. Because whether you're talking cardigan, hoodie, or crew neck, you look good in sweaters. 

6. Because Halloween is easily the most awesome of holidays. But beware of ghosts.

7. Because Thanksgiving is great, even if it gets a little crazy sometimes.

8. Because we all need to spend more time with quilts.

9. Because people go crazy for pumpkin spice lattes. 

10. Because pumpkins are really where it's at, especially giant ones.  

11. Because pumpkins turn into pie.

12. Because we can't forget the rest of the squash family, who are equally awesome.

13. Because apple picking rules as much as this kid's shades.

14. Because apples turn into cider.

15. Because cider turns into donuts.

16. Because fall makes cooking easy, since crockpot = win.

17. Because fall style is awesome. Need proof? Consider the universe within corduroy. 

18. Because scarves make your life better.

19. Because, when we really get down to it, it's all about the leaves.

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