5 Behaviors That Can Ruin Your Career

Jacquelyn Smith

If you seem to be on a downward spiral at work, Jack Welch, executive chairman of The Jack Welch Management Institution and former CEO of GE, says it may be time to take a "good look in the mirror" and figure out what you're doing wrong.

He says in a recent LinkedIn post that your behaviors could very well be to blame for your "stalled or faltering career."

He highlights 10 specific career-killing pitfalls — and says if you're guilty of exhibiting any, you should make it your mission to change them immediately.

Once you do, Welch says, "you're likely to see your career move from a stall to a soar."

Here are five of the behaviors you'll want to avoid:

1. Over-committing and under-delivering. All talk, no walk won't help you get ahead. Make promises you can keep.

2. Resisting change. Failing to embrace new ideas can seriously hurt your career. Be open-minded.

3. Always worrying about your next career move. You need to focus on the present. If you're always thinking, "What's next?" you'll seem distracted and not committed to your current tasks at hand.

4. Being a problem identifier versus a problem solver. Identifying problems sounds a lot like complaining if you don't do anything about them.

5. Being complacent. If you stop growing as a person and a professional, you'll stand still (or even take steps backward) in your career.

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