Donald Trump discusses his famous hair

Colin Campbell

Donald Trump says his hair is real — and it's spectacular.

The real estate mogul and reality television personality answered a series of fan questions in a Facebook video published Wednesday. Among the inquiries: Will he ever change his famous hairstyle?

"The ratings are so good on 'The Apprentice' and everything else, I'm afraid to do it. I don't think NBC would like it. A lot of people would be unhappy. But it is my hair as you can see," Trump said.

Trump, who said in the video that he's "very, very strongly" looking at running for president in 2016,proceeded to list interviews he's done where he's proven his hair is real. 

"Barbara Walters interviewed me two years ago and she said, 'Is that really your hair?' And I said, 'Go ahead, check it out.' She did. Joan Rivers checked it out. They all checked it out," he continued. "It's my hair, believe me! I don't know, it just seems to work."

Here is a Trumppreviously proving to a Global News interviewer that his famous hairdo is real:

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