How to mute individual tabs in Google Chrome with just a click (GOOG)

Steven Tweedie

Google already allows you to see which tabs in Chrome are playing audio thanks to the tiny speaker icon, but it's now possible to quickly mute those tabs with just a click.

The new feature, which is actually an experiment nestled inside Chrome according to The Next Web, now lets you click on the tiny speaker icon to mute individual tabs.

Here's what it looks like in action.

Enabling the experimental feature is easy.

First, you'll need to type "chrome://flags/" into the URL address bar at the top of Google Chrome (without the quotes), which will take you to Google's experimental features page — which looks like this.

Next, simply search for "Enable tab audio muting" in the list and click "Enable" to turn the feature on.

You'll need to shut down Chrome for the change to take effect, but you'll now find you can click on the tiny speaker icon and Chrome will mute whatever audio is coming from that tab.

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