One of the new Android smartwatches looks a lot like the Apple Watch (AAPL, GOOG)

Antonio Villas-Boas

Asus revealed its newest smartwatch on Monday, the ZenWatch 2, and it looks like a worthy successor to the original ZenWatch. 

The ZenWatch 2 will run Android's latest version of Android Wear, Google's operating system for smartwatches.

It features anall-important "always on" mode that keeps a simpler and dimmer watch face on the display when it's asleep. It's a key differentiator between smartwatches running the latest version of Android Wear and the Apple Watch, which turns off its display in sleep mode to preserve battery life.

It'll come in two sizes, but there's no mention of screen size or dimensions yet. Asus will offer the ZenWatch 2 in silver, gunmetal, and rose gold exteriors. Asus also added a crown as an additional way to navigatearound Android Wear apart for using your finger on the touch screen. It's very similar to the digital crown on the Apple Watch.

In terms of straps, Asus will offer rubber and premium leather straps, as well as a stainless steel link bracelet that comes in the same silver, gunmetal, and rose gold as the exterior. Asus has also partnered with Swarovski to make a leather strap with an embossed diamond pattern that's "tastefully accented with Swarovski crystals." The bigger model will be compatible with the industry-standard 22mm watch straps, while the smaller model will need 18mm straps.

It's a good-looking smartwatch, but it's new design wasn't the only thing that caught our eye. The similarity between the ZenWatch 2's promotional video and the Apple Watch's video are uncanny. 

The similarities aren't quite as extreme asSamsung's ads when compared side by side with Apple's ads, but you can tell Asus is going for a look comparable to Apple's to showcase its new smartwatch.

Does this remind you of something on the Apple Watch video?

Like the part with Milanese Loop Watch band?

Most of the ZenWatch 2's video looks like it was shot by Apple. Here's the Asus.

And here's Apple's.

Just check out the ZenWatch 2's showcase shots.

And compare it to Apple's. Asus is definitely going for the same thing here.

Asus' profile pan shot is actually a little different to Apple's.

But not by much.

Here's Asus' full video for the ZenWatch 2.

And one of Apple's Watch videos.

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