Here's why Caitlyn Jenner's first 4 children refuse to appear on her new E! reality show

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Caitlyn Jenner's first four children support her decision to live life publicly as a woman, but they're refusing to be part of her coming reality show for E! Entertainment.

According to the Vanity Fair cover story, Caitlyn's four children (all in their 30s) born from Caitlyn's two marriages previous to Kris Jenner — Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody Jenner — will not appear on the show because they fear that E! and the show's producers, Bunim/Murray, will sensationalize Caitlyn's story.

"They disagree with their father's decision to use not only the same production company that made 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' but many of the same people, including several original executive producers," the article said.

Hurt and disappointed by their decision, Caitlyn argued that as an executive producer she could keep it from straying away from her desire for the show to tell her story in a way that would be inspiring and informative. The four kids doubt that's possible.

"You go on E!'s website, the Bunim/Murray website, and you look at all the shows, every one of them is a circus," Brandon Jenner said during a meeting over hiring a new producer.

He continued: "With Bunim/Murray and E!, it's been the opposite of inspiration. Oh my God, we're diving into the lion's den — they're gonna make a show about the Jenners versus the Kardashians."

They feel Kris not only excluded the Jenner side from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but further created distance between them and their father. They also had to watch as Caitlyn, then named Bruce, became an ideal dad to the Kardashian children, something they had always wanted from the often absentee dad they experienced growing up.

E!'s head of programming, Jeff Olde, told the magazine he hoped the Jenner side would change course upon seeing "the quality and tone" of the new reality show.

"It's not at all a Kardashian spinoff," he said. "We will not resort to spectacle. That doesn't mean we can't have fun with it."

Gay and married, Olde has been a gay-rights advocate for two decades. "This is so far beyond television, on a personal level," he insisted. "If I get one thing right in my professional career, it will be this."

Additionally, Bunim/Murray's executive vice president of development and programming insisted ratings were "not the goal." "It is to tell Bruce's story the way he wants to be told," he said.

The reality show started shooting in May and premieres Sunday, July 26, at 9 p.m. on E!

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