Here's new evidence that Google Glass is moving forward (GOOG)

Alexei Oreskovic

The future of Google Glass, the company's much-maligned Internet-connected glasses, remains a mystery since the project was sent back to the drawing board earlier this year. 

But a new job listing on the company's website hints that Google's Glass efforts are moving forward, and perhaps nearing the stage of volume production.

Google's Glass team is looking for an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP. The FATP, the listing explains, stands for "final assembly, test and pack." 

That sounds like the kind of role that's necessary when a company has ambitions and plans for product that go beyond simple experimentation.

Among the responsibilities listed for the job:

  • Provide strong engineering in both process development and mechanical fixture designs to fast track product manufacturing to mass production, includes working with contract manufacturers and vendors to prioritize and solve problems
  • Expert in design for manufacturability (DFM) and influence product design to improve manufacturability for yield and reliability
  • Work with the Quality and Reliability team to define requirements for shipment

Google also notes that some of the "preferred qualifications" for the job are "Experience in multiple consumer product launches in a fast pace production ramping environment," and "Strong manufacturing background in developing processes to scale new products, including mechanical fixture designs, with process controls in mind in a rapid schedule."

Google halted consumer sales of the $1,500 gadget in January (it's still being sold to business customers), amid waning interest from consumers and widespread privacy concerns related to the device's built-in video camera. Google executive said at the time that it was time for a "strategy reset," and Glass is now under the direction of Nest boss Tony Fadell. 

Glass was a no-show at last month's Google I/O developer conference. And the head of business for Glass is leaving the position, according to a recent report in Recode. 

There have been reports that a new version of Google Glass is being readied in partnership with Italian eyewear maker Luxottica (owner of Ray-Ban and other big brands). The Luxottica CEO said in April that  Glass 2.0 is currently "in preparation" and suggested that Google is pondering a more radical change for version 3.0. And as Business Insider previously reported, the Glass team now describes its mission as extending beyond just glasses, to focus on "smart eyewear and other related products."

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