6 different ways you can lace your sneakers to help solve common runners' injuries

Megan Willett

We all learned to tie our shoes when we were younger, but there could be a better way.

Imgur user jesusisacapricorn came across a visualization of six common running problems and how to fix them by lacing your sneakers in different ways.

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First posted on the blog Katie Runs This and then picked up by Run to the Finish, the six different tying methods can help runners with problems like hammer toe, heel slipping, high instep, narrow forefoot, too-small shoes, and a wide forefoot.

If your toe feels bruised while running, you could be suffering from hammer toe. If the bone on top of your foot feels too snug in the shoe, you have a high instep. If the front third of your foot and toes feel constricted, you have a wide fore foot but if there’s too much room, then you have a narrow fore foot. 

And if your shoes are feeling too tight all around, then try the lacing style for a roomier fit.

The customizable lacing options are pretty easy to do yourself and can elevate a solid pair of running shoes that just need some slight adjustments.

To see even more lacing techniques, check out this website.

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