This ad for ride-sharing app Hailo has an unfortunate typo

Lianna Brinded

Ride-sharing app Hailo has enough trouble already trying to unseat dominant car-hailing service Uber.

Uber had north of 11.8 million payment cards on file as of last December while Hailo and Lyft, two Uber rivals, had only 4.4 million and 781,000 payment cards on file, according to leaked company data charted for us by BI Intelligence.

So, judging by an apparent typo spotted on the back of seat in a black cab in London today, we're starting to wonder if it was a Freudian slip.

It reads: "London. Were all over it." We are assuming Hailo meant: "London. We're all over it."

When Business Insider pointed it out to Hailo's Head of Marketing EMEA, David Llewellyn, he said: "The original artwork was 'we’re.' Something has gone wrong at the printer!"

However, when asked by Business Insider if Hailo was planning to pull the ads and how much the group spent on this campaign, he said "no comment."

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