Here's what the NYC subway map looks like to a disabled person

Graham Rapier

For the most part, it makes getting around Gotham relatively easy, for not too much money. 

But for those who can’t climb up or down stairs to reach the platforms, riding the subway can be difficult, if not impossible.

Lawyer and transit enthusiast Matthew Ahn decided to remake the MTA’s subway map showing only the accessible stations. The result is a much more sparse subway system. Want to go to Brooklyn or Queens? Good luck.

24-year-old Ahn also notes in his post that “of the five largest subway/light rail systems in the country, only two (San Francisco and Washington, DC) are fully accessible. While there are 490 stations in the New York system, barely more than 100 stations are accessible.”

For reference, here is the official map, courtesy of the Metropolitan Transit Authority: 

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