The top 10 brands for LGBT Americans

Hayley Fitzpatrick

The LGBT rights movement has made unprecedented ground in recent years. 

Using data from 1,400 brands, research firm YouGov BrandIndex analyzed which companies are best-perceived by LGBT Americans. 

Here are the top 10 brands for 2015, according to YouGov BrandIndex:

10. Panera Bread

The bakery-chain supported the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force‘s radical “Creating Change” conference in Kansas City, Missouri in 2006, according to Americans for Truth

9. PBS

PBS regularly features point of view documentaries exploring and celebrating LGBT culture. The company recently partnered with Logo, a channel focused on LGBT people, to air a new series devoted primarily to LGBT culture, according to Variety.

8. Google

Google promotes and encourages diversity within the company. The company has a group called the "Gayglers" for their employees to celebrate LGBT rights, lead and organize events, and network within the Google community.

7. Subway

Subway is very open about their willingness to enrich cultural diversity within the workplace. According to its YouGov BrandIndex ranking, members of the LGBT community acknowledge that willingness.

6. HBO

HBO aired the comedy-drama series "Looking", which focused on a group of gay friends, for two seasons. Although it was recently cancelled, the show was a huge step for mainstream television accepting LGBT culture.

5. Samsung

Samsung recently signed a petition calling for gay rights in Texas, according to the Texas Observer

4. Netflix

Netflix regularly features the latest LGBT films and television shows on its streaming site. 

3. iPhone

Thanks to a variety of LGBT-focused apps, the iPhone is favored among this group, according to its ranking.

2. Apple

Apple's CEO Tim Cook publicly confirmed that he is gay in 2014, making him the first openly gay CEO on the Fortune 500 list. He actively supports different gay rights campaigns.

1. Amazon.com

The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos pledged $2.5 million to support same-sex marriage in 2012, which made him the largest financial supporter of gay marriage rights in the country at the time. The Human Rights Campaign gave the company a score of 90 out of a possible 100 points.

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