Men's Wearhouse is coming to Macy's

Hayley Fitzpatrick

Tuxedos are coming to Macy's.

The corporation just announced a 10-year agreement with Men's Wearhouse to open tux rental shops at 300 of its department stores, according to Market Watch

Men’s Wearhouse will staff and control the tuxedo shops in Macy’s stores.

17 pilot tuxedo shops will open in the fall of 2015 in New Jersey, San Francisco and Houston, according to Fortune

All stores are expected to open by fall of 2016.

Doug Ewert, Men's Wearhouse CEO, feels that the partnership can create new opportunities for customers shopping for formalwear. 

"This transaction benefits both Macy's and Men's Wearhouse," said Ewert in a press release.

"Most importantly, it benefits formalwear customers by creating additional channels for brides and grooms when they're choosing tuxedos, shirts, shoes and accessories for their weddings."

Men’s Wearhouse Inc. recently reported strong first quarter results.

Given the incredible size of the Macy's corporation and Men's Warehouse's reputable reputation, these tux shops will be great additions to Macy's nationwide and help generate revenue in the company's successful wedding department.

“We see weddings and special occasions as strategic growth opportunities for Macy’s,” said Tim Baxter, Macy’s chief merchandising officer.

Macy’s and Men's Warehouse are also combining forces to create a digital space to offer tuxedos through Macy’s.com.

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