Yale Club member loses it in dress code complaint letter about T-shirt-wearing law student

Dennis Green

A member at the historic Yale Club of New York City is not happy.

In a memo to the club's staff — which was later obtained by the New York Post — the disgruntled member called out a young man, identified as a Yale Law student, who wore a T-shirt reading "F--- Forever" in the men's locker room.

In the member's words, it was "a horrifying example of this denouement, this sad decline in the atmosphere and spirit of the club."

The member goes on to ask who will be held accountable for upholding the club's standards of dress. 

Assuming that the Yale Club's member dress code is similar to its guest dress code, this type of clothing is not allowed in public areas of the club. The policy states that while traditional business dress is "always welcome," business casual dress is "required in all public rooms except for the athletic facilities at all times." 

So the athletic areas may be a bit of a gray area where the normal dress code (which specifically bans T-shirts) doesn't apply.

Of course, it was more the content than the vehicle that the member took issue with. According to the memo, he told the law student that his shirt was "offensive and inappropriate" and that the facility was "a club for ladies and gentlemen."

The student merely smirked in reply.

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