Delta Air Lines has a secret program that helps VIPs evade the paparazzi

Benjamin Zhang

For celebrities and VIPs, traveling on a commercial flight can be a complex and stressful experience fraught with autograph seekers and paparazzi. 

Recently, we caught wind of a mysterious program from Delta Air Lines called "VIP Select" that's designed to offer public figures a heightened level of privacy.

Even after scouring the far corners of the internet, we found information on the secretive program to be difficult to come by.

So we decided to reach out to Delta. And after some additional digging on their part, the airline found a spokesperson to clue us in on the service.

VIP Select is an "unpublished program" that's made available only to those booking first class tickets through managed travel accounts or certain travel agents, Delta told Business Insider.

The service has been around for about five years.

And so far, VIP Select is offered only in Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York JFK International and LaGuardia Airport. Delta emphasized that the available services at each airport vary, due to the differences in facilities. 

So what exactly does this service offer?

Here's what a typical flight from LAX to JFK includes:

  • Arrive at LAX.
  • Customer is met curbside by an airport assistant.
  • The airport assistant provides the passenger with travel documents and takes care of checked bags.
  • The passenger is then moved discretely through the terminal to a luxury lounge, such as Delta ONE at LAX, where VIP Select clients have complementary access.
  • When it's time to board, the airport assistant guides the passenger to the departure gate.
  • Upon arrival in New York, another airport assistant meets the passenger at either his or her seat; or at the jet bridge.
  • The passenger is then ushered to a chauffeured Porsche parked next to the plane.
  • The passenger and his or her luggage are then driven to a predetermined location at the airport, where the passenger is met by his or her own driver.

So what is the cost for such personalized service? VIP Select starts at $350, but rises based on the level of discretion and service required by the client. And then there's the thousands of dollars for the first-class seat.

Although VIP Select isn't exactly cheap, for the celebrities and VIPs seeking refuge from the prying eyes of the public, the service is an effective way to buy some privacy in a world where there is so little of it.

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