This empty, 46-bedroom mansion in Texas would make one heck of a haunted house

Dennis Green

This eerily enormous "house" in Manvel, Texas is the strangest listing we've seen in a long time. 

A physician and his wife started building it in 2001; it was intended to be a post-surgical rehab clinic. Today, the structure sits unfinished and empty.

RE/MAX Top Realty is listing it as a shell for $3.5 million.  

No one's quite sure how many rooms it has: some say 46, but RE/MAX realtor Mona Miller told the Houston Chronicle that "it's probably more like 70 bedrooms," as the inside of the house is incomplete.

"It would be ideal for some type of institutional use," said Miller, who has had bites from parties who see it as a possible assisted living facility, which would actually make use of all that space. 

Here's an outside-in tour of the so-called "disaster house."

No driveway, landscaping, or sidewalk adorns the outside of this gigantic piece of real estate.

An unobstructed rear view of the mansion really shows how far 60,000 square feet stretches.

There's a nine-car attached garage — for all those medical transport vehicles that the good doctor never bought.

We assume this attached portico would have been the inpatient entrance.

The grass is growing a little long around the blighted property.

Though it looks like a completed home from the outside, you can tell that it's far from finished once you walk indoors.

This is just the tip of the unfinished iceberg.

Construction supplies like shovels, ladders, and lights give the impression that interior updates are still in progress.

This pool would be a great asset if the site were turned into an assisted living facility. Water aerobics, anyone?

The house, facility, or whatever you want to call it has two floors and an elevator.

The $3.5 million fixer upper sits on a 1.5 acre lot. It's not exactly move-in ready.

“Whoever buys the property will probably need to take it down to the building shell and the studs,” Miller told the Houston Chronicle.

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