Most millennials don't plan to use Bitcoin

Evan Bakker

Bitcoin is still a novelty and hasn't achieved widespread adoption as a currency, but some believe Millennials will be more open to using it. A new survey from Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research indicates that Millennials have mixed feelings about Bitcoin so far. 

  • A slight majority – 51% – haven't used Bitcoin, and don't plan to use it in the future. 
  • However, a solid 27% have used Bitcoin before.Twenty-two percent are active users, and another 5% have tried it before but don't plan to adopt it again. 
  • The final chunk – 22% – haven't used it but might in the future. 

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Bitcoin activity is relatively small globally. Only 4 to 8% of Bitcoin wallets contain bitcoins – the rest are empty. And global daily Bitcoin-based retail sales are an estimated $2.3 million, which would represent just .015% of total daily retail sales in the US ($15 billion), according to data acquired by Reuters

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