The hot fashion trend is for kids to show off their personalities

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For students of all ages, heading back to school is more fun in a new outfit. This fall, back­to school style is all about combining looks and trends to let your personality shine through.

Back-­to­-school fashion “is all about being on trend – in your own unique way,” said Sarah Holland, a spokeswoman for J.C. Penney.

Some of the hottest looks for fall 2015 bend trends, mixing and matching two distinct styles. Holland said. Examples include “military­-femme, indie-cowgirl, sophisti­-casual, lumber-­jock, ath-leisure and more,” she said.


Ath­-leisure-­inspired graphic tees and slouchy hoodies, leggings in solids and prints, and sheer, feminine plaid shirts for layering are all must-­have items for the kid who wants to be the best- dressed student on campus. One key item to update your look is a new cardigan either in a long, duster style or accented in fringe, Holland said. For dressier occasions, plaid and floral mini­skirts offer a feminine flourish.

Not surprisingly, denim will be big for fall, especially vintage or deconstructed jeans, Holland said. Fashion­-forward teens will dare to wear denim in unexpected ways, such as cute vests and show­stopping skirts. A fashion staple in the ’90s, denim shirts are now paired with anything from a floral dress to laid­-back jeans and a T­-shirt.


The military trend is seeing a major resurgence, and students will be arming their wardrobes with this chic utilitarian look. Military­-inspired tops and bottoms will feature utility pockets and epaulet details in colors not limited to khaki browns, olive greens, camo and black. An easy way to introduce this trend into your wardrobe is through accessories such as a camo wristlet, a wide belt cinched at the waist or a military-­inspired jacket to fend of fall’s cooler weather.

“The hottest colors for teens this season include blue, red, yellow and green in deep, rich hues and muted tones,” Holland said. “Trendy ath­-leisure apparel adds bursts of bold blues, eye- popping pinks, true reds and bright yellows. Floral prints, tribal patterns, plaids, camouflage and animal prints are hot tickets to creating a trend-­right look.”

For the elementary­-school crowd, “bright colors and lighthearted, playful graphics will be prominent. Bold stripes, shiny prints and animal graphics are featured throughout,” Holland said.


Lifestyle athletic shoes in skate, canvas, low profile and retro are a must this year for kids and teens.

“Retro Chuck Taylor Converse and Adidas, as well as Vans, complete the ath-­leisure look,” Holland said.

Casual shoes in metallics, Western styles and booties work well for trend-­bending outfits. A variety of printed boots are another can’t­-miss item in their wardrobe.

Guys’ fashion this fall is inspired by the lumber­-jock and ath-­leisure trends.

“The lumber-­jock guy is combining flannel and plaids with athletic pieces like jogger pants, sneakers and varsity jackets. Guys are also embracing the ath-­leisure look with tailored sweatpants, jackets, tees and shorts, often with performance features, that are perfect for the gym or, well, leisure,” Holland said.


From an eyelash-­like flourish to long layers of chunky embellishment, fringe is the most ubiquitous fall fashion fad. Fringe works on jackets and skirts and on accessories like handbags and shoes.

Other accessories that will be popular for the new school year include colorful, printed backpacks, layered necklaces, long pendants and tassels and statement earrings.