SCL golf title is Bears’ first

Ron Borges
The Lady Bears celebrate winning their first ever team league title at the Gold Hills Golf Course, left to right, Brittany Andrus, Emma Taylor, Alexis Cheula, Kimmy McDermott, Michelle Coulter-Nava, Jeanette Ricci, Kayla McDaniel.

It became official on Monday, the Mount Shasta girls golf team has claimed their first NAL championship.

The Lady Bears went undefeated in league play as a team this season, beating Central Valley by 142 strokes.

Originally there were only five players that qualified to go to the Sections match and not the team, but an invitation to Mount Shasta was given because of their league championship.

Six of the seven players will be attending the match but that decision won’t be made until later this week.

“The ladies have a shot at making a great round,” Mount Shasta coach Audra Gibson said on Tuesday.

At the Gold Hills Golf Course in Redding, Emma Taylor took third behind two Lassen players by just six strokes. Freshman Alexis Cheula got fifth and Kimmy McDermott was sixth.

“The girls were committed to their goal of making Sections as a team and that’s exactly how it played out,”  Gibson said.

They will be heading to the NSCIF Sections tournament at the Butte Creek Golf Course in Chico on Monday.

According to Gibson, the challenge for the ladies will to not be intimidated by the level of play or by the new format; teams will have a “marshall” or coach that will be keeping score. She says she isn’t too worried about the marshall because the players are consistent with their play.

Mount Shasta will be competing for a berth to participate in the NorCal finals held on Nov. 10. There is a shot that they could qualify as a team or as individual; the top two teams at Sections or the top four players not on those teams qualify.

For the first time this season, the Bears had a practice 18 hole practice round at the Tierra Oaks Golf Course in Redding on Oct.23.

According to Gibson it wasn’t that eventful, as it had no bearing on the Section or league meets except for practice. Herself and some of her players were sick, which affect the score.

The highlight was Brittany Andrus who was one of only three to score under 100 on a 18 hole course.

NAL Meet - 566 Team Score 

Individual - 105, Emma Taylor; 106, Alexis Taylor; 113, Kimmy McDermott; 120, Michelle Coulter-Nava; 122, Brittany Andrus; 143, Kayla McDaniel; 144, Jeanette Ricci.

18 hole practice round - 548 Team Score

Individual - 96, Brittany Andrus; 109, Emma Taylor; 120, Kimmy McDermott; 108, Alexis Cheula; 115, Michelle Coulter-Nava; 139, Kayla McDaniel.