Bears win state ski racing championship

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Mount Shasta High School won the 2009 CNISSF combined boys and girls state ski racing championship at Mammoth Mountain earlier this week.

Three Bears won All State  awards for their combined points in slalom and giant slalom and five brought home individual event top 10 medals.

It was Mount Shasta’s first combined state championship ski racing banner since 2001.

Alyssa Winkelman led the girls team to a second place plaque by finishing No. 3 on the All State team. She was 2nd in slalom and 5th in GS.

Two young Mount Shasta racers led the boys to a third place team finish, as sophomore Eric Hake placed No. 7 on the All State team and freshman David Carter was No. 9.

Hake placed 8th in slalom and 11th in GS; Carter was 9th in GS and 11th in slalom.

Key to the Bears earning the top spot in the combined standings were the strong finishes by Hanna Hall and Alyssa Backes in Thursday’s girls slalom.

Winkelman, according to coach Mike Backes, turned in two strong runs to earn her second place finish.

But Kristen Mapes, who won a medal the previous day with a ninth place finish in GS, did not finish her second slalom run after posting a first run time that had her in the top 10.

Needing three team members to score points, Hall came through to place 9th in slalom and Backes placed 23rd.

Hall also finished 18th in GS and Backes was 21st.

Contributing to the boys success, Gavin Poore placed 17th in slalom, John Holst was 30th in GS and 32nd in slalom, Zak Owens was 31st in slalom, and Cameron Posl was 31st in GS.

While the Bears have won their share of snowboarding championships in recent years, it was eight years ago that they won their last combined ski racing title with a team that featured 2001 state overall champions Hanne Coots and Chris Tuggle, state slalom champion Shannon Criss and Hallie Stiles, who placed No. 3 on that year’s All State team.